Soccer by Jose

The Beautiful Game

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"I never thought I’d played my last game with the National Team. I never wanted to think so, anyway. I’ve been here for ten years now, and I’ve been through everything: incredible happiness, great disillusionment… some of the most beautiful things that have happened to me, football-wise, have been here, so it’s hard to think that any time might be the last time. It’s been hard because for different circumstances. I’ve been out of the team for a while, new players have been added, there are strikers coming up that are great at what they do. Like I’ve said before, I was prepared for the call up but I was also ready to not hear my name being read out loud. And now I feel like it’s my first time here, when I debuted against Portugal all those years ago. In the end, the team is supposed to leave you behind, but you never leave it behind you. (x)

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